Monday, December 14, 2009




I AM CLEANEN THE CHICKENS poo up. Theys awsome. WE GETS eggs ALL the time now. Im a very sensitive guy! More senseitive then yall thinks. So i LOVE skool! I cudnt love it more. my teacher is very nice. (: VERY nice indeed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing right now. Them dern chickens was being the funniest suckers in the world!!!!!! Theys a talking and sitting playing poker! Well i taught that to them. So what can a guy do. haha well so i plucked the pig's feathers. I had to do my weakly --get it weakly hahahhahhahahahaha-- hair cut for me. I am not truly bald! Hahahaha look at this. I look awsome huh! I didnt cut it all off quite but i had lots of fun styling it. Tell me what ya think of it! (: which one do you like better? leave comments! thanks yall

Saturday, July 25, 2009

visit me at...

Hey i have a blog just for my country posts! :D visit me at it's an awsome website! And i think you will love it <3 i know i have

Hmmm more of them dern country life for yall!

So i yall wents to the chicken coup...they's got out!!! Ahhh! They's goings to attacks! everyone hide! Call the poeleese. sniff. sniff, this is the's worstest problem ever! but we gots them back into the coup and theys a thanked me! aww shucks guys, i love yall to =D this is a love post for yall who dont knows already. i love you wonderfulls chickens!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sizzel!! (not a country post)

Well alright so i do this new thing all the time that i love love love! and it goes like this...
I touch my pointer finger to my tongue then touch my bum lightly *but nothing happens (sad:[[)
So i tryed it again but again nothing happened! hmm well this time i will do it again :]] only i will do it harder! Well i do it and nothing happens! Well (I GOT IT!!! I WILL SMACK MY BUM THEN DO IT) well i do it and then whatdaya know? it sizzeled over and over again! Oh yeah baby! We are having hambergurs tonight! :)

hehe them pigs are dern cute!

Well now for me awsum pust today.. well so i wents to feed them chickens
and them pigs started kissing me!!!!!!!!!!! well licking to be more exact.....
and i was like "ahh shucks you guys!!" you are so nice to me little ol' cowboys.
thens i was like, "listen girls and boys, hehe and you lovely martha (thats the pig
that kissses me) i dont wants any yall trouble from yous! we are gonna shaves your
little legs and toes! bleck!! let me just say yall one words over and over agains!
"moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist moist!"
Wells i tells my pigs that and they all cames attacking me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
It's was the scariest most wonderfuls thing in my dern life.......i love my stinking derling
pigs...i guess i am whats i eat. I love you hunnys (pigs) Which reminds me sadly my cow
was pooping out honey and it was not dern funny so i had to grabs my gun and scratch his
ear and he STOPPED!!!!!!! haha wel my dern farm is amazing! bye yall...seeya next "fall" HAHA
That was a grat joke! ha i crazk me up! hahahah well i have to go put on my performance
for rachel's plays becuase she dern accepted me for the contract! Im so dern pucky
to have a sister that cares! As with a brother whom i love very dern much yall! JACOB!
seeyall later! bye (pigs and cows in backround) ;)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chickens info fer you!!!!!!!!! Ye ha!!!

Alright yall! Heres the story. So since i was raiced on a barn...I have been thinking about my life long dream, and that is to be an indianne!!! Yeah man/boy!!!!! (lucy style). well,,,,,,,,let me think..Hmm well i better not try to hard or i will fry my itsy bitsy little yall brane! So back to the chickens, i want to be an indianne chicken!!!!! AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE! well, i have been plcuking pig feathers and when you pick them from there darn bums (hahahahahehehehehehe) they scream and if you are dang right lucky kick you right there!.............................. Yes in the knee silly gooses!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha no! but speaking of them darn gooses well i ate one after i tackled it in the water and wresteled it for hourse and hourse and hourse! BWHAHAHAHA! im so dern funny.. well get it dern funny..hahahahahahahahaha i crack myself get it crak!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YALL LATER BECAUSE get it because!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......................welllllll i have to goes wresteels the bullths (that was with a lisp) visit me at yeah girl!!!!! and by the way JACOB AMES!! I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE AN AWSOME BROTHER!!!!!!!!!! AND SECRETLY MY BEST FRIEND! :) I HOPE IM YOURS BUDDY! Gotta go pluck the bulls...hehehehe! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey Yall!!

Hey Yall of ya beautiful boys and girls! I love ya all! And i will be posting stories everyday! YAY! I know you are all saying that! :-) Anyway, so i went and i plucked the pigs feathers! Those dern things are hard yall know?!? Ya so I was yall thinking that after i milk the cow yall will come over for a "cream" party!! HAHAHAHAHA! Get it! CREAM party! Lol! I crak myself up! Haha...Oh boy! Well i have to go yall help my pa pa with the dern chicken coup Or thems chickens will peck each other to death! I will see yall later!? =-}

Monday, June 15, 2009

No Title available

I want you all to know i did not put up ANY of those posts. Rachel and Jacob did it none of it was mine none of it! I'm am not a major loser like those posts hinted. I hope you won't be expecting daily updates of even weekly updates. If i were you i would probably check every two weeks and hope there's a new post, if not i'm sorry. I'll probably be force by my brother and sister in specific to always update it. So i want you to know that if there's not a new post in three weeks than i've been busy drawing comics, playing sports, swimming, or all of the above. And if there is a letter missing it's because the keyboard isn't very good especially the "d" so don't ask.

Hey baby!

Hello puppets!

Let's get this straight

Hello people, i would just like to say to you all i am not a loser, because i didnt put up that dbz fanatic paragraph or those pictures and especially not of jacob! An i didnt give that shoutout paragraph and i didnt write this paragraph this is all a joke! and i cant spell sufering or pane! Bwhahahahahahah! :]]]]]]]]] I am not awsome!

Friday, May 15, 2009

DBZ Fanatic

Recintly ive been a total dbz fanatic! it's all ive been watching and i love it :] Gohan is my favorite character. the best line in all of dbz is where he says, "for me, i just thinkk of all the pain and sufering they cause and i just feel sick inside. it's maddening!" when he dies though, i cry.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey everyone!

My amazing brother on the left!

This is Christian Ames, and i would love to give a shoutout to Jessica, Erin and daniel, aunt heidi and my family! WOOOOOO!! here are some pictures of me!